Business Intelligence

The business intelligence systems play a key role in the strategic planning process of any corporation and it has the ability to collect and analyze internal and external data of organizations that can generate the knowledge.

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What Creintech Provides

Organizations always have to deal with pricing and financial planning, customer behavior, marketing decisions, supply chain management and collect a large amount of data from their business operations. With this rapidly growing data it's become a challenge to capture, manage and process the data within a defined time limit. Our Business Intelligence services can help you to improve the decision making process with 100% customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Architectures

Creintech leverages data warehousing practice, as we have strong skills in understanding the business requirements with suite of complete data warehousing solutions including data warehouse development, implementation, maintenance operations and support.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Our Business Intelligence & Reporting solutions can enable new decisions and new opportunities for your organization. These solutions are very helpful in Reporting, Performance Management and Analytics that can enable organizations to make the right decisions.

Business Analytics

Our Business analytics solutions will enable your organization to apply analytics to your decision making to add value to your organization, enhance and accelerate insights, business decisions and results. We offer various business analytics across Financial, Marketing, Risk, Operational, and Digital analytics.

Our Approach

Today's businesses need high performance, efficiency and effective analytics solutions to compete and make better business decisions for organizational growth. Our approach in business intelligence space is to provide high value, insightful research and analyst support to our clients.

  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Scalable and flexible service
  • Focus on high-value analytics activities

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