Cloud Services

Cloud is transforming the way applications are designed, tested and deployed, changing the way services are delivered to the business users.

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What Creintech Provides

Businesses are always looking to IT for innovative solutions to get that added competitive advantage. Our cloud services provide you those opportunities of getting benefits from the cost efficiencies and scalability that our cloud services offers. With assured security we provide you the opportunity to transform your IT operations and your business. At Creintech, with our wide range of cloud services we can help you to meet your business requirements by becoming more competitive and agile.

Cloud Application Services

At Creintech, Our cloud applications are built by industry experts which can help you to execute your business strategies. We can help you to manage & migrate your cloud applications software.

Cloud Consulting Services

At Creintech, we provide cloud planning and implementation solutions which van enable organizations to operate more effectively and efficiently without the hassle of hardware and software.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our cloud infrastructure services provide planning, building & managing of your cloud environments. We offer a full range of cloud infrastructure services including – private, public, and hybrid.

Our Approach

So why are so many businesses moving to the cloud? Our approach is to provide the opportunity to transform your IT operations and your business to increases efficiency, to improve cash flows along with many more benefits.

  • Lower Costs
  • Cap-Ex Free Computing
  • Scale as Needed

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