Testing Services

Just like you need Cardiologist to operate your heart when it fails, business needs the help of testing specialist to ensure your product don’t have any defects. High quality testing has become a critical factor to ensure your products fulfill your customers’ expectations.

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What Creintech Provides

In today's competitive markets, your applications are need to be optimized to deliver the experience your users demand and processes that have been proven. Our testing practice offers a comprehensive suite of software testing that spans across testing automation, performance and specialized testing. Our QA expert team provides complete solution that's tailored to meet your needs and free your development teams to focus on innovation and application enhancement.

Testing Automation

At Creintech, we provide the robust set of testing automation tools covering identification of test scenarios to be automated which will provide a significant return on your investments.

Performance Testing

Our Performance Testing services focus on end-user performance, system stress and load testing of application to help customers quickly verify changes prior to implementation.

Specialized Testing

Our specialized testing services are built on custom methodologies, frameworks to test Mobile applications and applications developed using newer technologies and off the shelf products.

Our Approach

The demand on Quality Assurance has grown significantly for enterprises of today. New technologies have made testing a mission-critical and time-consuming activity. Our approach is to provide comprehensive testing solutions to help organizations achieve predictable software quality while reducing the time and cost associated with testing activities.

  • Speedier time to market for your applications
  • Defining reporting mechanism
  • Proven processes

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